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Testing & Tagging is the process of testing an electrical appliance in order to ensure it is safe for use. Test and tag is referred to as other names such as electrical tagging, appliance testing, portable appliance testing, tagging, electrical test tagging and lead tagging. A Test & Tag clearance will ensure that the equipment being tested is free of faults and damages.

In Australia, the Test & Tag process is guided by Australian AS/NZS 3760:2013 Standard for In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

To ensure maximum safety, electrical equipment should be tested more regularly if intensive use occurs or the device is exposed to harsh environmental conditions that will cause the process of deterioration to occur more rapidly (e.g. heat, moisture or physical wear and tear).

Our Tests & Inspections

When it comes to the Test & Tag process, there are three main stages involved:

1. Visual inspection to ensure the device is in sound physical condition;
2. Electrical testing that involves checking with special equipment to ensure there are no invisible / unseen faults;
3. Record keeping that involves storing data about the appliance and reporting test outcomes.

Some types of tests included in a Test & Tag involve:

  • Tests: Insulation, Earth Circuit, Leakage, Continuity, Functionality, Polarity Wire
  • Checking for faults and defects on socket outlets, plugs, connectors, supply cords, accessories
  • Visual Inspection of the cord internals and cord layout / positioning while in use

Testelís Test & Tag Service

Testel provides its Test & Tag service for all types of electrical equipment, from computers to power boards, portable Residential Current Devices to microwaves, handheld tools to extension leads. Whether the electrical equipment you need testing is in an industrial warehouse, commercial office or a residential home, Test & Tag will place safety first and provide peace of mind to you.

All our technicians are licensed electricians and we service metro, regional and remote areas right across Australia. We provide the necessary records needed for your OHS risk management documentation.

Contact Testel today on 1300 881 116 or email us to book or enquire about a Test & Tag service today.

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