Tagging / Labelling / Bar-Coding

Tagging involves labelling an electrical device, appliance or accessory that has been safety tested. It lets others know about the itemís electrical testing history and outcomes. Once an item is tested for its electrical safety and integrity, such information as the date of the test, who tested it and the company that tested it is attached for others to view.

Tagging is the final step in the Test & Tag process. Following a visual inspection to identify any obvious physical damages or defects, a range of different electrical safety tests is carried out. These tests use specialised equipment to discover faults and weaknesses that cannot be seen by visual inspection. Finally, tagging is applied to the equipment to demonstrate to users that it is safe and in accordance with the Standard AS/NZS 3760.

Once a tag is placed on an item with all the relevant information, the user can conduct an audit at a later date Ė easily and conveniently.

Easy Identification & Tracking Barcoding

Tags and labels from electrical testing also contain barcodes and a unique identity number is provided for the electrical device or appliance. The barcodes allow for computerised tracking to ensure compliance, easy identification and ongoing document management.

Durable Labelling

Once the appliance or device has been tested, the item is tagged with a PASS label. Testel uses durable labels that comply with Australian Standards requirements. For harsh environments, we place a protective seal over the label.

Testel Electrical Tagging

Testel conducts Tagging & Testing services throughout metro, regional and rural sites around Australia. Our qualified licensed electricians have client safety testing sites numbering more than 15,000 and we have over 3,000,000 separate test records.

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