Residual Current Devices (RCD) Testing

A Residential Current Device or RCD is a safety device within the home and commercial environment that is used to cut off electricity automatically if a fault in the system occurs. RCDs are used to promote safety, providing an additional defence against electric shock as they are more sensitive than a normal fuse.

RCDs monitor the level of electrical current within a circuit. At any stage the RCD detects a peculiarity; it will instantly cut off the circuit.

Because RCDs save many lives and prevent injuries, it is necessary to ensure they are working properly at all times. This is where RCD Testing comes into play.

Main Types of RCDs

There are different types of RCDs, including:

Fixed RCD. This is located at the fuse box and provides the highest level of protection against electrical injury.
Socket Outlet RCDs. These are used instead of normal power outlets and protect both the user of the outlet and the lead.
Portable RCDs. These devices are plugged into the power outlet and are often used if there are no fixed RCDs in place.

Elements of RCD Testing

RCD Testing can involve a range of services, including: checking to see if circuits are protected; if switchboard doors and seals are intact; providing a general clean of the switchboard; providing a barcode for tracking and data management; testing to ensure the RCD is operating effectively; measuring the trip time and current; ensuring everything is to Australian Standards; and, recording test results and the actions taken.

Compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760

Testel technicians can undertake an inspection every six months or annually, making sure your company is Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 compliant.

We service a range of metro, regional and remote areas around Australia and employ a team of licensed electricians.

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