Record Keeping and Reporting

Regular Testing & Tagging of electrical equipment and devices is an important safety procedure.

A part of best practice maintenance routine, electrical items should be tested throughout the duration of their working life.

Providing OHS compliance and peace of mind, electrical safety testing is a must-have service in the industrial warehouse, commercial office, residential home or anywhere else electrical devices are used.

Once an electrical item is tested, it is tagged to provide information about the testing outcomes and other vital information. Managing this information in an effective and streamlined manner is then required, especially if the quantity of items to be tested is large.

Testelís Easy Record Management Tool: TES

At Testel, we manage over 3,000,000 separate test records in a proprietary database called TES. A powerful management tool with a range of features, clients are able to view their test results, see all types of reports and many other snippets of information, as well as having the ability to change and add details (such as adding new items).

One of the most advantageous features of TES is that we are able to capture existing records that are already in other systems.

Testelís Record Keeping: Compliance & Test Records

In line with Australian Standards, Testel ensures that a history of all electrical testing is recorded. This includes keeping an asset register and historical record of all tests and the outcomes of each of these tests.

Once tested, a record will include such information as:

  • Asset number
  • What type of tests were conducted
  • Where the test was carried out / location
  • Description of the device or appliance being tested
  • Date the items were tested
  • Date of next test
  • Outcome of the tests (pass, fail)
  • Repairs made

Reports on any of the above can be presented, including a summary of tests carried out and the test values / ratings that were obtained.

Testel is located right throughout Australia. Call one of our representatives on 1300 881 116 or email us to find out more about TES and our best practice safety test record keeping or to book an electrical test today.

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