Preparation of Site Plans

Testelís licenced electricians also prepare site plans for all your electrical and lighting needs. Whether an existing structure or a new build, Testel can design electrical and lighting site plans to suit your requirements.

Including lighting, receptacles, switches, control panels, communication devices and other components, Testelís qualified personnel can ensure electrical site plans are in accordance with Australian Standards and consist of best practice safety considerations.

Some elements of a site plan include:

  • Positioning of outlets (convenient, safety)
  • Amount of light fixtures required
  • Materials to be used
  • Light controls
  • Other equipment being used / layout
  • Type of wiring needed
  • Specific needs (e.g. waterproof)
  • Lighting calculations in terms of levels
  • Protective devices (e.g. fuses)
  • Estimation of equipment loading
  • Panel board loads
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Coordination studies

Testel will design your site plan to provide peace of mind and safety from:

  • Electrical shock from current.
  • Energy hazards. Because some items burn when in contact with low voltages, it is necessary to consider this when drawing up a site plan.
  • Fire. This can happen due to overloading, irregular operation or perhaps a fault.
  • Heat-related danger. These can occur when there are high temperatures involved.

Electricity can kill within 30 milliseconds. An electrical site plan is a serious matter.

At Testel, our qualified team can prepare a safety electrical site plan in accordance with Australian laws and standards. Whether you are after a site plan for your workplace or home, Testel has the experience and know-how. Our range of electrical testing and tagging services also provides additional peace of mind and OHS compliance.

Contact Testel by phoning 1300 881 116 or emailing us today to have our team of experts prepare your electrical site plan.

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