Power Outlets Testing

Testel also conducts safety testing for power outlets, electrical outlets, socket outlets or power outlet sockets around the home, workplace, office, industrial warehouse, commercial site or anywhere power sockets are in use.

Ensuring peace of mind and legislative compliance, our Power Outlets Testing service inspects electricity sockets, picking up faults and dangerous wiring before they harm people, damage buildings and destroy appliances.

Faulty outlets are accidents waiting to happen. Posing a significant fire and electrical shock risk, defective power sockets are often overlooked, instead thinking that the appliance itself is faulty rather than the outlet.

Power Outlet Testing: Home & Work

Power Outlet Testing should also be a prime concern for the residential homeowner or landlord. While the commercial or industrial setting will certainly require increased periodic testing due to high use, the fact is that a potentially dangerous situation can occur in all environments.

In terms of commercial settings, power outlet testing is also recommended for such locales as schools, hospitals, sporting facilities, military settings and IT businesses.

What is Inspected?

A Power Outlets Test measures an array of safety factors to ensure the socket is not going to injure, kill or damage people or property. Some of these checks include residual current, wiring, polarity, exposed live parts, discovery of reversed line and neutral, detection of line and earth, earth fault loop impedance, detection of open ring final circuit, discovery of loose electrical connection and the identification of unsatisfactory insulation resistance.

Testel Carries Out Power Outlets Testing throughout Australia

Servicing businesses right around Australia, Testel has been carrying out Power Outlet Testing since 1995. Our team of licensed electricians are available for a single test site to more than 100 tests per site. Contact Testel today by phoning 1300 881 116 or email to arrange safety testing for your power outlets.

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