Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable Appliance Testing, otherwise known as PAT, involves the testing of electrical equipment that includes detachable leads and plugs. In Australia, PAT is also called Test & Tag.

There are countless reasons to conduct portable appliance testing, including:

• Safety from electrical shocks and fires due to faulty appliances
• Compliance with Occupational, Health & Safety regulations
• Ensuring your appliances are operating efficiently and effectively

Portable Appliance Testing is a preventative action, identifying unsafe and ineffective operations before they occur.

When Should PAT Be Conducted?

PAT should be conducted at regular intervals, depending upon the type of device / devices that are being tested. If the environment in which the appliance is working, such as around heat or moisture, or perhaps it is being used a lot, testing should be more frequent to ensure safety. After Test & Tag has been performed, a date will be recommended for the next test ensuring its safety.

What is Tested?

PAT can comprise a wide range of testing types, depending upon what is being tested and its specific characteristics (e.g. age and use). Some types include the Leakage Current Test, Insulation Resistance Test, Type Test, Bond Test, Earth Resistance Test, Earth Continuity Test, Screen Test, Polarity Test and RCD Trip Time Test. Plugs and leads are also tested.

Because Portable Appliances are present in both commercial and residential areas, it is strongly recommended that homeowners and landlords also conduct regularly PAT testing. This will help protect your family and tenants from danger due to unsafe devices.

Testel’s Qualified Technicians Provide PAT Reports

As a rule, our trained technicians are able to carry out all PAT testing within your workplace or house, minimising fuss and hassle. Let our team of licensed electricians provide you with a safe environment.

Operating since 1995 and servicing metropolitan, regional and remote areas right across Australia, contact a Testel representative via phone 1300 881 116 or email to arrange a Portable Appliance Testing service with one of our qualified Testel technicians.

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