Microwave Leakage Testing

Microwave ovens are everywhere restaurants to workplace lunchrooms, residential home kitchens to industrial catering companies.

A source of "electromagnetic" radiation, microwaves are produced inside the oven by an electron tube called a magnetron. Emitting high frequency radio waves, this then heats and cooks the food. It is this very same source of energy that is able to pass through living tissue. And, while the microwave is turned off or sealed correctly, exposure to this radiation cannot occur.

The problem is that there are a range of things that can cause microwaves to leak radiation while in use.

Causes of Microwave Radiation Leakage

From rough treatment of the microwave to food and debris in the door, damaged hinges to general use, decayed seals to broken latches all of which compromise the microwave and cause microwave radiation leakage. In so doing, the microwave oven becomes a health hazard.

Microwave Leakage Testing inspects to find out if your oven is leaking radiation and acts as a preventative measure against hazardous exposure.

Compliance Australian Standard AS3350.2.25

Microwave Leakage Testing includes:

  • Ensuring your microwave is compliant with Australian Safety Standard AS3350.2.25
  • Power outputs of the microwave are operating at sound levels of electrical flow
  • Physical damage inspection to make sure it is functioning correctly and safely in line with Australian Standards
  • Barcoding microwave units for tracking and data management procedures
  • Placing a certification label on the microwave stating the radiation and power levels

Testel & Microwave Leakage Testing

Although a must-have appliance in everyday life and many work environments, microwaves can also be a health hazard. With a simple and straightforward test, our Testel technicians are able to put your mind at ease and identify any leaking radiation.

With testing technicians right across Australia, client safety testing sites numbering more than 15,000 and more than 3,000,000 separate test records, Testel can fulfill all your safety testing needs.

Call one of our representatives on 1300 881 116 or email us to book an inspection today.

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