Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing ensures all electrical equipment and devices within the workplace, home or any other environment are safe, legal and OHS compliant.

Reducing the risk of fire, shocks, accidents, circuit overloading, electrical safety testing ensures all electrical items are reliable and that owners fulfill their duty of care to users. Routine electrical testing also acts as a preventive maintenance tool, identifying defective items before they cause significant damage and costs.

An electrical inspection examines such items as wiring, earthing, bonding, defective work, invisible electrical faults, device suitability, usage, age, component parts and any damage that has occurred.

Electrical Testing: Residential & Commercial Settings

In order to protect your family, tenants, workers, customer and the public, any environment that houses electrical appliances, devices and accessories should be tested. The two main areas include:

1. Industrial & Commercial Work Environments. In order to be AS/NZS 3760 compliant, regular testing and tagging must be performed on electrical equipment. Regularly testing is must to maintain safety for items that are intensively used or exposed to harsh environmental conditions (such as moisture, heat, outdoors, corrosive chemicals, dust, vibration or physical use).

2. Residential / Homes. Although, in general, most electrical equipment in the home is not used as much as in an industrial / commercial environment, there is still a need to conduct regular check-ups to ensure things are working safely. New homes should also have testing performed to identify inconsistencies or faults.

Our Test & Tag services are available Australia wide to electrical appliances within both commercial and residential properties.

Main Types: Fixed & Portable

The two main types of electrical testing include:

1. Fixed Installation Testing. This involves inspecting electricity around a building (e.g. power points or lighting)

2. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). These devices have a plug and can be stationary, moveable and handheld.

Testel Electrical Testing & Australian Standard AS3760: 2013

Testel technicians are licensed electricians and ensure all your electrical appliances and equipment are compliant with Australian Standard AS 3760: 2013. Testel carries out qualified inspections, electrical testing and then tagging (Test & Tag). We finish by completing reports and offering recommendations, providing records as part of your OHS risk management documentation.

With branches across Australia and servicing remote and regional areas as well, contact Testel today on 1300 881 116 or email us to book one of our safety testing services.

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